The client wanted to update her living room, but was overwhelmed with the process. In under an hour, I helped her choose a paint color that she hadn’t considered and rearranged her existing furniture which hid a nonfunctional and unsightly fireplace.

The new paint color and new furniture arrangement created a more usable living room area and she was pleased with results.

My living room was in need of some help. I didn’t even enjoy spending time in there because I didn’t like the color on the walls. I had made several trips to all the local paint departments hoping to find the right color. After many attempts and paint swatches painted on and taped on every wall in the room I knew I had to call an expert. Julie was the first one to come to mind because I had seen her home and knew she had a gift for color and design. Sure enough she agreed to help and within 30 minutes of being in my home she knew the right color. She understood the feeling and look I desired but couldn’t achieve myself. She also gave other suggestions on how to pull the room together to give me the space I had desired all along.
— Sara & Josh