My client purchased a home which had been in a fire with the intention of flipping the property to make a profit. Despite the extensive fire damage and encountering many unforeseen challenges, the house was not only restored, but vastly improved. A new buyer purchased the home shortly after completion. I meet my clients’ needs by adhering to his budget and timetable allowing him meet his goals.

Wow! Talk about a unique project! This large executive home caught an attic fire that that required a large volume of water to extinguish. The house was completely gutted immediately and subsequently restored with a new roof, most of the exterior and all interior finishes. Julie was there to help from the very beginning from acting as a project manager when activities needed to be coordinated to the most detailed design elements. Julie designed the entire interior as if new construction and coordinated the exterior existing elements with updated siding colors and design details. Her focus on the details through design to delivery allowed the construction team the ability to stay on track and on budget. Thanks Julie!
— Jeremy Frost | Lown Homes LLC