Live in What You Love!

Julie Kay transforms the interior and exterior of YOUR home to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. As a result, her clients receive; a beautiful space where families can comfortably gather and relationships thrive.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to rooms or houses. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype that more square feet is always better than less. That’s simply not true—and this is no criticism of big houses. Its what you need in and do with the space that matter, and interior design is a tool that can make any place perfect.

Julie loves to help others design their dream space so they can shuffle all the furnishings—move them from room to room—and have a whole new look without any extra expense. The same palette moves through the whole house.

As an individual, couple or family we all try to rise to the occasion of intellect, prosperity, peace within and physical wellness. And more and more, we realize we need and crave, it seems, is not a showplace but a “shareplace” for our home or dwelling.


Wherever your remodeling or new home project take you, I hope it’s to a place mixing heirlooms with technology and rituals with trends—a design for your home inspired by the design of your life. Live in What You Love.

Your attitude is the advance person of your true self. The roots of your attitude are hidden, but its fruit is always visible.
— John Hagee Ministries.